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R12 - XLA / FAH - Difference between Draft, Final, etc in Create Accounting / Online Accounting


Online Accounting: (For single entity / transaction)

Only few subledgers are providing this feature.

Intercompany Setups and Sample Transaction Processing using Oracle Projects


Client Industry - Professional Services Firm implementing Oracle Project Accounting which has Global Operations.

Business Case - Canadian employee travels to US to work on a US project. Canadian employee needs to bill time and expenses for the US Project and the US Project Manager has to pay the Canadian office for the Canadian employees work on the US project.

Setups to support Intercompany Billing:
The setup steps are divided into the following phases:

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Using Oracle Applications Flexfields in your custom forms: step-by-step


There are several complicated things you may need to do with flexfields in your forms but one of them is simple and very common: create a foreign key on the accounting flexfield. It is easy to get lost in the Oracle Application Developer's Guide because it tries to cover comprehensively what can be done with flexfields. But there is nothing to show you the basics step-by-step, which is what we will attempt in this article.


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